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2 Ocean Media is a web development company that has been successfully present in the offshore web development market for years. It has grown to become a well-regarded player in this industry and has proven to be a reliable, efficient and trustworthy web development service provider to the businesses from all over the World.

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Graphics Designing

Differentiate Your Business

Right Strategy

Customer expectations must be met or you risk losing credibility of the brand. Your brand should be unique and memorable. Similarity to the competition is not necessarily a benefit.

Remain Consistent

There should be unified promotion of your business across new and traditional print media. This will present your organization in a consistent, professional way and help build trust with your target market.

Be Creative

The more creative the idea, the better it will be remembered. Creative graphic design in business should always achieve sales and marketing objectives.

Logo Designing

Get custom made logo designs with exclusive concept ideas relevant to your business with trendy styles. Each logo design is hand drawn. You won’t get premade logo or clip art. Our Logo designer can develop stylish icon designs for your business at reasonable prices.

Brochure Designing

We design compelling Brochures that will definitely make an impression in the minds of its readers. We offer highly custom designs ranging from simple one or two page, Tri-fold brochures to brochure designs with multiple pages.

Business Card Designing

Business cards are an essential part of the business related interaction. It is important your business card reflects brand image of your company. The key points which must be highlighted in a business card design are the Logo of the company along with services rendered. Contact details must be short and easy to understand. A creative edge with professional style can make the business card stand out.

User Interface (UI) Designing

Our goal is to create a visual design style that enhances the experience and functionality of your app. We use your branding and define key design principles to create several visual directions. After you have chosen your preferred direction, we define colors, typography and iconography that are all cohesive to the direction.

User Experience (UX) Designing

We focus on usability and user experience. We begin our process with concept development and ideation. Next, we define the information architecture, create wireframes and the key user flows of your app. Through prototyping and ongoing user-testing we gain a deep understanding of the core functionality of your app. Finally, we identify the best experience and ensure maximum usability for how the end user engages with your app.

We Would Love To Hear From You

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